Enter to Win our Quilted Koala $250 Fall Frenzy Givewaway

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We have so many amazing new bags for fall! Enter now to win our $250 Fall Frenzy Giveaway! You'll be able to shop the entire site including our new camouflage, metallics, flannels, koala kanvas and our classic Quilted Koala quilted duffels, totes and makeup bags.

You'll get extra points for sharing the giveaway with your friends!

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Five Secrets to Getting into Shape Both Physically and Mentally

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The fall always feels like a new year to me. Time to get myself back into a healthier workout routine and get my house in order (who wants to do that when it's a beautiful summer day?)

Here are my five secrets to getting into shape both physically and mentally: 

1. New Sneakers.  Okay, so I'm not in 7th grade but a new pair of sneakers always gets me back into the spirit of working out.

2. Wear Real Pants. Do you ever put on workout leggings and then never quite make it to gym? I do -  more than I'd like to admit.  Real pants keep you honest.

3. Snacks. 3pm comes and I'm in need of salt or sugar (or both). I'm still working on this one, especially when I'm on deadline for something. Eating a real lunch and having a healthier snack at the ready keeps me away from the peanut m&ms (most of the time).

4. De-clutter.  It's no accident that Quilted Koala started with boxes and bins. I'm big on putting things away. Having a clutter free space makes me so much calmer. (Caveat -- if you have young kids at home, this is impossible. Give yourself a break. You'll come back to this when they're older.)

5. Enlist a friend or two. It's so much easier to get into a good habit when it's something fun to do with friends. Team Koala is thinking of trying Orange Theory next!  We also do weeks of step challenges with our Fitbits. I never win, but at least I'm moving more than if I was just in it alone.

To help get you in the mood, we want you to get a new gym bag. We have lots of great choices. Use Code FITNESS to save 60% on our small quilted or kanvas duffels. Offer valid until 9.13.17. 

Have a secret you're willing to share -- post your comment below!



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Amazing Fashion, Jewelry & Beauty Brands Offer $1250 Summer Getaway Giveaway

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What is it about summer that's just so much better?  Everything seems to slow down just a bit. Even on the busy streets here in New York City, people seem that much happier with their ice coffees in hand.

We've teamed up with four other incredible brands to make it even that much better with an incredible $1250 Summer Getaway Giveaway.  Each company is giving one lucky winner $250 gift certificates to shop their websites.

Enter here:

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About the Brands:

Isola - We LOVE this collection of beauty products. Founded by the amazing Kate Delgado and Osvali Van Romondt. We love their story and mission to bring that spa-like feeling to your home with their products that are inspired by Kate's time with her family in Jamaica.

I Love Tyler Madison - Charna and Jacqueline have created a fabulous collection of stylish and comfortable clothes that are perfect for your summer getaway plans! This terrific sister duo are committed to making beautiful clothing and they also support the SPCA & ASPCA. 

Luxie Beauty - OMG -- you're going flip over this collection of eye makeup and amazing makeup brushes! Founder Tammy Huynh has created a signature line that is vegan, cruelty-free, hypoallergenic and high quality.   

Nashelle Jewelry - We are obsessed with Heather Nashelle and her beautiful collection of handmade jewelry. You've seen her work in Anthropologie and Nordstroms.  It'll be hard to decide which you'll want with your $250 gift certificate. They're handmade in the USA and we love that the company gives part of the proceeds from each sale to charity. 

Quilted Koala

You know how much koalas love summer!  We can't wait to see which Quilted Koala products you select for your giveaway prize!! Our new backpacks join our collection just in time for vacations!

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From Lawyer to Bag Lady

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How I got to be a bag lady.

I always wanted to be a lawyer. In our small town my Dad was my Atticus Finch. He championed causes. Our dinner table conversations included why accused murderers were entitled to due process to why topless bars were not obscene under state law (that was an interesting dinner). 

So I spent most of my first 25 years with tunnel vision. Unlike my Dad I decided to practice in New York City at White & Case -- one of the nation's top law firms. I had the job I dreamed of - all that hard work paid off. I had the fancy office, a ridiculously big salary and a killer wardrobe to go with it.

The problem. I hated it. Big corporate practices move at a glacial pace and the role of a junior associate can be soul sucking. Endless hours on tedious documents. Oh, and did I mention that the clients tend to be massive corporations? Atticus type moments? None.

So I changed gears.

I co-founded the independent consumer organization toyportfolio.com with my mother, noted child development expert & author Joanne Oppenheim. We have been playing with and reviewing toys since my older son was born. Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Awards are the benchmark of excellence with consumers. Most people know us from NBC's TODAY Show where we are Contributors.

As much as I love toys and what we do, I wanted to be more creative.

I started Quilted Koala with my family - notice a trend here?  This time, my partner is my husband David (the boy with the koala bear).  We've also recruited our sons who are now both in the business with us.

Manufacturing products is a whole new world from being a professional critic. There's the thrill of creating something that people respond to with excitement. And when something doesn't work -- you need to take a deep breath and move on, quickly.

One of the best parts of starting a new business is our team and the number of truly amazing people who have adopted me on this journey. At first being mentored, rather than mentoring others felt a little strange, but I quickly realized the vast amount of things I didn't know. I'm no longer shy about asking.

Our mission is to create bags that are fun, pretty and don't take themselves too seriously. For example, our best-selling East West Bag is both classic and refined in design, but it also gets a little cheeky when we add a word or design in glitter.  And who doesn't love glitter?

I also hate heavy bags. So that's always a starting point. I'm especially proud of our new Metallic Backpacks -- I love handing them off to people -- and getting the "ooooh it's so light!" That's when I know we've done it right. 

If you were to tell my 8-year-old self, who aspired to be a Supreme Court Justice, that I would be become a bag lady-- I probably wouldn't have believed you. But even then I loved a good bag!

If I'm a cautionary tale, it's to embrace change, creativity and to follow your passion -- and, of course, always carry a terrific bag.


Co-Founder, Quilted Koala, Ltd.

P. S.  Our latest Quilted Koala campaign is for our Metallic Backpacks. You can join the campaign on Indiegogo.


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Valentine's Day Giveaway - Enter to win $1000 in prizes!

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Love is in the air. After all we just had a koala wedding!  And because we LOVE our followers we decided to teamed up with three of our favorite brands for a Valentine's Day Giveaway - with $1,000 in prizes.

To Enter the Giveaway, scroll down to the Rafflecopter entry form.  Here's what one lucky winner will win:


1. Isola - $250 Gift Certificate for this wonderful collection of beauty products. Founded by the amazing Kate Delgado and Osvali Van Romondt. We love their story and mission to bring that spa-like feeling to your home with their products that are inspired by Kate's time with her family in Jamaica. Take a look at the entire line at https://isolabody.com/

2. M Gems - $250 Gift Certificate from our fav duo in jewelry! We met Manda and Melissa at one of our first trade shows - I can't say enough about how welcoming they were and gave us much needed advice. Did we also mention that we are obsessed with their jewelry?  You can often see M Gems on TV (Rachel Ray, Kathie Lee and many of the Real Housewives are big fans).  Take a look at what you can win at http://www.mgemsjewelry.com/

3.Nissa Jewelry - $250 Gift Certificate to the amazing Nissa Jewelry collection that is a staple of celebrities like Carrie Underwood, Kate Hudson, Abigail Breslin, Yara Shahidi and so many more! Founded by the uber-talented designer, Nissa Wegienek - we love her use of re-purposed vintage materials and recycled metals to create a very modern collection (all crafted here in the US). Check out all the beautiful choices at http://nissajewelry.com/.


4.QuiltedKoala - $250 Gift Certificate that you can use to put together your favorite QK bags, duffels and makeup bags! You can shop all of our new Koala Kanvas (can you say glitter?) and Quilted duffels perfect for the woman on the go!  Take a look around! http://shop.quiltedkoala.com/

Seriously, how great is this giveaway?! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Our Giveaway ends on 2/14 at 11:59pm PST.   One winner will be selected at random to win all of the items offered below upon completion of the giveaway.  The winner will receive an email with all of the codes for gift certificates on 2/15.
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