The Secret to the Quiet Luxury Trend is that it doesn't have to break the bank. It's a look you can achieve across price points and brands. Here are four of my favorite pieces - some investments and others much more affordable. 

The key ingredients are pieces that feel special, luxe, and timeless. 

1. A blazer elevates your look. I love the Veronica Beard Miller Dickey Jacket.  Much like our bags I like that you add dickeys to change up the look. An investment -- but I'll have this for years. 

2. A Trench Coat. Especially for early fall -- having a good trench in your closet is a must. I've had my Navy Burberry Trench for over a decade. It's truly timeless. I've had this jacket for so long -- the price has tripled since I got mine. 


I wanted a new lighter color trench.  I found the J.Crew version too heavy and uncomfortable. The detachable hood also felt awkward. 

Instead I went with this one on Amazon which was well-made and at a fraction of the price. I mean a very small fraction. I also picked it up in black. 


3. Luxe Vegan Suede - I designed our Town Bags in Vegan Suede because I wanted something that felt amazing (they're so soft) and would give me that timeless, chic look.

Here I'm wearing the full size in Navy (there's also a midi version). I've added a bag chain for a little extra pop -- but really the bag is beautiful on it's own. 

4. Velvet is always a good idea

Adding Velvet to your outfit (whether your wearing it or carrying it) also brings that extra luxe feel. Our new Hold Me Clutches in Quilted Velvet are delicious. We also added a satin interior that will make you smile every time you open your bag. The midnight blue is so saturated and luxe (below). Also available in magenta, black and electric green. 



October 05, 2023 — Stephanie Oppenheim

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