Kermit the Frog is beloved, but he was wrong about being green, at least this year. Green - everything from neon, hunter, electric and kelly - is one of the biggest colors of 2023 in fashion. 

Green hasn't always been my favorite -- but I've been won over by the fun it brings to almost any outfit. 

Here are some of our favorites:


1. Quilted Koala Electric Green Velvet Belt Bag - for those that want a little bit of green, our new belt bag will be just right. I love wearing it as a crossbody too. The inside has a deliciously luxe satin lining. Coming soon to Quilted Koala. 

2. J.Crew Lady Puffer Jacket 

I love this mash up of puffer meets lady like jacket. J.Crew calls their green vintage kelly. 


3. Jennifer Miller Faux Emerald Green Earrings 

 4. Quilted Koala Everything Bag in Electric Green

Go big or go home with our oversized Electric Green Velvet Everything Bag. I designed this bag to hold all your things -- whether you're going to work, a soccer game or a weekend away. You can embellish the outside pocket or add your monogram. The bag is so soft -- you'll also want to use it as a pillow on the go. Coming soon to Quilted Koala.


5. Bottega Veneta Minimalist 60MM Navigator Metal Sunglasses

Bottega Veneta -- responsible in large part for the recent green explosion with their signature leather bags -- introduced these great aviator frames this year. 

Stephanie Oppenheim