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Wedding Welcome Bags

Top Five Must-Haves for the Best Wedding Welcome Bags

Posted by Stephanie Oppenheim on

One of the most gracious gifts you can give your guests is a wedding welcome bag. It sets the tone of your celebration by having lots of thoughtful treats at the ready. (We love how our Quilted Koala Joyful Blue Medium Tote Bag above is filled with delicious Lindt chocolate and S.Pellegrino sparkling water!)

Top Five Must-Haves for the Best Wedding Welcome Bag

(1) Drinks. Whether it's water, a favorite soft drink, or tequila - all will be appreciated! Anything to stay out of the expensive mini-bar.

(2) Snacks. I'm always so appreciative when someone leaves me some yummy snacks (nice to do both salty and sweet). If you're in a town known for something special (candy, nuts, fudge) - great to introduce your friends and family to the local variety.

(3) Headache Busters. Celebrations often require some recovery aids! 

(4) Local Maps and Guides. Whether you've brought your loved ones to your home town or to a far off destination, giving them some ideas of activities for non-wedding downtime will always be appreciated!

(5) A memento of the weekend. Our Quilted Koala Wedding Welcome Bag can also include our makeup bags that will be enjoyed long after the wedding is over. Our Joyful Pink Large and Small MakeUp Bags (shown here) also make great bridesmaids gifts!

Of course the bag itself is important! Fun to pick a color that works with your wedding or destination. Our Quilted Koala small, medium and large tote bags all work! They're just right for filling up with all your special treats.


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