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5 Bridesmaid Gift Ideas They'll Love

Posted by Victoria Dolloff on


Here are five bridesmaid's gift ideas that are the perfect 'thank you' for your wedding party. Whether you are looking for something fun, something practical, or simply something you're sure they'll use again, we have you covered!


1. Carry-All Tote

A popular gift for bridesmaids are carry-all totes. They make the perfect present and are super useful on the day of the wedding. Stuff some sweet treats inside like chocolate, wine, lip gloss, flip flops (aka dancing shoes!), and a thank you note. Personalize the bags with a monogram of their name for a tote they can always treasure! 



2. Makeup Bags

Makeup bags are the perfect gift for your bridesmaids on your wedding day. Help them stay organized while they get ready! Great to pair with perfume, makeup, nail polish or any other cute accessories. Personalize them with your bridesmaids' monograms for an extra special gift!



3. Duffel

Whether it's traveling in for your bridal shower, flying off to your bachelorette, or checking in for the big day-- Bridesmaids are on-the-go for their brides! What better gift to thank them with than a stylish, functional duffel. With all of our great patterns and two sizes, a Quilted Koala duffel makes the perfect bridesmaid gift!




4. Jewelry + Jewelry Roll

Another popular gift for bridesmaids is personalized jewelry that they can wear on the wedding day. Pairing it with a jewelry roll is the perfect combination. Both gifts they can use on the day-of and enjoy after as well.



5. Heels in a custom box

With the bridesmaids dresses all picked out, now your girls need the perfect shoes for their wedding day outfit. A thoughtful gift is to treat your bridesmaids to some fabulous heels that will keep your wedding party coordinated and also make your bridesmaids happy! Who doesn't love shoes?!  Popping them in a gorgeous fabric box will make the gift all the more special. With a windowpane, you can personalize each box with your bridesmaid's names and they can treasure the boxes as a keepsake after. 

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What's your all time favorite Valentine's Day present?

Posted by Stephanie Oppenheim on

For me, it's an amazing piece of jewelry.  It's so special it's tucked away in the box I received it in. I rarely take it out, but when I do - there's such a rush of emotion.

The beloved pop-bead necklace (see below) was a gift handmade by one of my sons. It was presented in a box from Fauchon (from a much earlier romantic trip with my husband).

What makes it so special?  I can still hear and see my son explaining all of his choices (the heart for Valentine's Day, the bear because we all love teddy bears...) and I can see my husband standing behind him beaming. It's one of those moments where you feel great love and know how grateful you are for the people in your life.

Wondering about the amazing retro Bubble Gum machine rings on our Joyful Pink Jewelry Roll?  Also treasures from a memorable trip to the candy store with my grandmother.

What's your favorite present?


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