Don't listen to WAZE or any navigational app when you're going to a wedding on a summer weekend! Add another 40 minutes as a buffer so that you won't do what we did this weekend.

David and I were the very last guests to arrive to the beautiful Hampshire Country Club. The staff directed us to hurry which we did until we ran into the room where the ENTIRE wedding party was lined up and ready to go.

I stopped in my tracks, but David insisted we had to go. So without looking at my friends (who were ready to walk their beautiful daughter down the aisle) I ran to the door. I didn't know until later that David waved to them as he went by.

The doors opened, many of the guests turned around -- only to see us running to our seats. So embarrassing.  Also running in Jimmy Choo sandals -- also not that easy or flattering.

I teared up as soon as I see my friends walking down the aisle with their daughter -- definitely happy tears but still such a surge of emotion. Maybe because I remember the day the bride was born. How could she now be walking down the aisle? I think it's more about time -- the understanding that it's moving.

But then the magic happens. Overlooking the Long Island Sound on a picture perfect evening...

There's that hope and happiness you feel for the young couple about to start on their own unique journey. I'm so grateful that I'm sitting next to the love of my life as we watch them exchange vows. I realize that he's been sitting in a position so that the sun is not on me. He's still that guy.




July 02, 2018 — Stephanie Oppenheim

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