What's Your Favorite Fall Activity? Is it...

(1) Game Day - Fall means Football season whether it's pro, college or your local high school. We love the sense of community that games still deliver.

(2) Apple Picking - Nothing better than going apple picking with your friends and family. Something so pleasing about picking your own bag of apples - some to enjoy on the spot and others great for pies or cobblers.

(3) Pumpkin Patch - Now that Halloween is the biggest holiday after Christmas, pumpkins are serious business. I love that Instagram and Pinterest are full of kids picking their first pumpkin to the more curated, designer fare. At the moment, I'm obsessed with small white pumpkins.

(4) Fall Sweaters - okay let's add to that fall boots, fall scarfs. Once you've made the leap to put away your summer favorites- it's fun to get into fall fashion. 

Whether you're going to a game, to the orchard or away for the weekend, we want to go with you!  Shop our new Blissful Collection.

Tell us your favorite thing to do during the fall?





Stephanie Oppenheim