If you're looking for what's trending in fashion, you really need to visit Shoreditch in East London.

Here's what you'll want to check out:

(1) BoxparkA clever use of space. A collection of boxcars with little pop-up shops in them. Some have great names like #wanderingminds but many are large companies (e.g. Gap)  that want in on this hot shopping area. 



(2) Old Spitafields Market - You'll find small boutiques, cafes, pubs in the buildings that surround the stalls of the market. While the market is open throughout the week, the biggest days are on the weekends (be prepared for crowds). The offerings vary - on Saturdays you'll find mainly clothing, jewelry,  and crafts.

(3) Wander - There are always new things to see in Shoreditch. For example, how about this tricked out bicycle outside the vintage store Love Street.


(4) Sorry Coffee Co. - Stop for a delicious coffee at this fun coffee bar/clothing store. They're super friendly and they make amazing coffee!

(5) Labour and Wait - retro home accessories/appliances of another era presented in such an appealing way - you'll be hard pressed to leave without something. We brought home one of these dibbers (for planting bulbs!) Plus we like saying the word dibbler.

Planting tool from Labour and Wait

(6) Luna & Curious

Love, love, love this little boutique that always has a well-curated collection of jewelry, accessories and things for your baby and toddler.

Great choices for kids at Luna & Curious

And for us, it wouldn't be a day in Shoreditch without stopping at our favorite Indian restaurant, Dishoom. Seriously - the best!

Happy Shopping! If there's a place you love in Shoreditch, share it with us!

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