Best Idea for Getting Ready for After Work Fun: Duplicate Your MakeUp Bag

Posted on January 31, 2015 by Stephanie Oppenheim | 0 comments

Why didn't we think of this?  Mackenzie Wagoner's piece on Vogue.com chronicles the brilliant idea of duplicating your makeup bag at work. Rather than hauling in all your things every time you have after-work plans, leave a set of your go to cosmetics at your desk.

According to Wagoner this was the thoughtful gift of Sara Klausing to Vogue Accessories Director Rickie De Sole. First, a moment to appreciate Sara's fine gift-giving skills! 

We're obsessed with makeup bags. In designing our collection, we went through the Goldilocks process - some were too big, some too small. You need enough room but so much that it feels like a brick if you fill it. The lining was also super important to us. We wanted the big one lined and the lining had to be nice to the touch. Our small makeup bag (unlined)  is just right for lipstick, gloss, eyeliner, your phone and some cards so if you wanted to just grab it out of your big bag, it's good to go.

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