Right about now, it sets in. The holidays are way over and most of our new year's resolutions are waning. (Yes, I'm still wearing my fitbit, most days). This morning we woke up in NYC thinking it was going to be a winter wonderland.  It snowed, but not the snowmageddon predicted.

But then I took a look at the wonderful and always upbeat SimplyLaurenGray.  A big smile using our Happy Yellow Medium Tote as a way to brighten up a winterscape. She got me back in the mood to embrace the weather!


I then spent some time on Instagram and got inspired by all of the beautiful craft projects in progress. Then there are the yummy pictures of families baking together.

Experts say the following tips can help fight off the winter blues:

(1) Take a Walk. Most experts will tell you to head out into the sun (even if it's cold). Most of us don't get enough Vitamin D.

(2) Exercise.  Force yourself to get moving. Try to focus on how great you'll feel afterwards. Those natural endorphins will help your mood.

(3) Put on a Funny Movie.  Laughing and smiling will also make you feel better.

(4) Call a Friend.  Connecting with a friend and making some plans to look forward will also help.

So tell us what do you do to fight off winter blues?


Great articles about the Winter Blues:

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Stephanie Oppenheim