Koala Straps: Tan & Cream - IMAGINE

$ 40.00

We are obsessed with our new IMAGINE straps! They work with our Luxe North South, Midi East West, Mini Luxe North South, Midi Zipper Totes, Town Bags, City Bags, and Future Bags. Such a fun way to give your bag an added pop of color.

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About the Boy with the Koala...

There once was a boy whose grandma brought back treasures from all over the world. On one special trip, she brought him a koala bear.

Now while his siblings thought about becoming astronauts, firefighters, doctors - this little boy always wanted to go into the family business. In 1920, his grandpa started selling corduroy and his father offered fabrics for apparel.

Following in their tradition, he started a company that makes beautifully crafted fabric for quilters.

That little boy grew up and got married. Together he and his wife launched Quilted Koala, a bag company with the mission of bringing stunning designs to a whole new audience.