Coming up with great names for new collections is hard. When we were thinking about names for our latest collection we wanted to convey something special. The fabric designs (inspired by wood block printing) were worked on intensely by our team - it was anything but calm or serene. But when that moment arrived when we all knew we had exactly the look and feel of what we were after, it was...blissful.

Yet I wonder - does blissful feel out of reach most of the time? And when you have a blissful moment, is it hard to hold onto? Maybe that's the way it should be. After all, if you're always blissful, how would you know it?  To me, it feels like whipped cream. I love it, but it's not something I indulge in everyday.

So, what makes you blissful? Enjoying a sunset, ice cream with hot fudge, binge watching a favorite show in your pjs?  We're going to be exploring this idea across our social media platforms this month. We invite you to share your ideas on Instagram using the tag #blissful and pin to our group pinterest boardby following 'What Makes You Blissful?' for your invitation to pin.

While working on this last photo shoot at the beach - I had that moment. Feet in the sand, a beautiful sky, proud of what we had produced as a team, enjoying the people I'm working with-- and hey, I'm on a beach. 

The grasses in the dunes are so beautiful - they change with the light.

Our large Blissful Duffel in Navy and medium tote bag (with three inside pockets). All our totes now have snap closures (we heard you!)


Our new Blissful makeup bags are so beautiful - whether you pick the serene grey or lavender - or the more vibrant blue or saffron-inspired yellow!