When we started out to make the best duffel for women we all had a long list of requirements.

[Our large purple Joyful Duffel looking so good on the beautiful fashion blogger Elma Beganovich of ClubFashionista.com.]

(1) It had to start out light. There's nothing worse than buying a duffel or piece of luggage that starts out super heavy. Our duffel is lofty!

(2) Well-balanced. This seems like a "duh" kind of remark, but it takes some engineering to get the proportions right and the straps just so. When you carry your things in our bags it feels good and the straps are purposefully wide to sit comfortably on your shoulder.

(3) Roomy. You want the duffel to fit just the right amount of clothes for a weekend away--without getting so heavy you can't carry it. We're proud that all of the fashion bloggers rave about the roomiest of our duffels.

(4) Pretty. Whether you pick from our classic Happy Collection or our vibrant Joyful Collection, the duffels should make you smile as you're on your way.

(5) Soft. We achieve the ultimate softness thanks to our finest 100% cotton fabric and "secret sauce". You'll be happy to use them as a pillow as you travel. 

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And if you're going for something smaller (for an overnight or workout bag), you'll want to look at our new Small Duffels!


Stephanie Oppenheim


Hi, the duffels are beautiful! I’m curious, are they machine washable?

— Amy G