Finding the right graduation gift can be tricky. Our Graduation gift guide is designed to make it very easy to give a gift they'll love.

(1) On the move - Graduates are often on the go whether it's to visit friends, going home, or traveling to see the world. Our duffels are just right for such travel. They are made with our finest quilted 100% cotton so they're super light and roomy! Fans of our bags tell us that they're also great for when you want to put your head down and take a nap!


 Our Joyful Paisley Duffel ($119) comes with two outside pockets and coordinates with our totes, makeup bags and jewelry rolls. SHOP all the colors and use code GRAD2015 to save 20% on your purchase.

2) Makeup Bags

Nothing feels more like a present (and more grown up)  than a pair of new makeup bags.  The reactions we get to our makeup bags range from "oooooh" to  "I love these!" -- so pick a pair! The large makeup bag is lined with water-resistant fabric - perfect for those take alongs that need extra security. The small makeup bag will become your grad's favorite - it's quilted (unlined) and just right for your lip gloss, ID and phone.


These are our Joyful pink small makeup bag ($17) and large makeup bag ($24).SHOP all the colors and combinations here.

Please use code: GRAD2015 to save 20%.

 (3) Jewelry Roll 

Now that your graduate will be on the move, giving her a safe place for her jewelry - that's also really pretty!

SHOP all our jewelry rolls ($39) come with two zippered compartments as well as a ring band. Use Code GRAD2015 to save 20%.

4. Storage Boxes - Whether your grad is going on to more school or their first apartment, chances are space will be tight. Our beautiful boxes and bins are a great way to stay organized!  You can buy a nest of three fabric covered boxes for $53 (50% off). Discount taken at check out.


If you order a gift from us, we'll send it out with our signature white glove wrapping and a gift card!

Our best wishes to all of the graduating seniors!

Stephanie Oppenheim