I love Thursday night. It's the anticipation of Friday and the weekend. I feel the same way about Spring. It's the season that keeps on giving with the ultimate gift, summer.

My hit parade of favorite spring events:


(1) Cherry Blossoms. I love the wave of cherry blossoms that take over instagram this time of year. It will be weeks before they bloom in NYC and even longer at the beach where this picture was taken. 


(2) Tulips, tulips, tulips. Nothing better than NYC in the Spring. Everyone just looks happier. It's been a rough winter in the northeast - we could all use some flowers.

(3) Spring Shopping. I'm desperate to break up with my puffy coat. As much as I loved it in November is how much I hate it now. I feel a little guilty about my rage towards the coat. It's really not the coat's fault that it's been so cold. Still. We need to break up. And have you checked out the cute shoes?  I bought these espadrilles at Zara - affirmation that there will be warm days ahead.


 (4) Birds. That sound. In the morning when all the birds have things to say. In the meantime, I've been carrying the Quilted Koala Pink Birdsong tote as a call to all the real birds to head back!

Here it is in blue (both the Birdsong Duffel and Tote)

 What do you look forward to the most?

Stephanie Oppenheim