Quilted Koala Bridesmaid Gifts

The best news for bridesmaids these days is that the dresses have gotten so much better!  While the movie 27 Dresses was an exaggeration, we've all had some pretty hideous dresses with the promise  "You can so wear that again!"   

The same is true of Bridesmaids gifts! No one really wants a travel mirror with a picture of you and your beloved (I got one of those). The idea is to pick something that says "thank you" for being there with me on this journey.  

Here are the Secrets to Picking the Perfect Bridesmaids Gifts:

1. Pick Something Useful and a Treat.  There's something so fun about getting a gift you can use right away. Our Quilted Koala MakeUp bags are just right and come in so many colors - you can go with the color of your wedding party.  The ones pictured above are from our Blue Joyful Collection

If your palette is pink, we have the perfect combination!  These vibrant Quilted Koala MakeUp Bags are from our Pink Joyful Collection and is just right for your bridemaids to use on the big day as well as a wonderful way to remember your wedding.

2. Make It Personal. Fill the quilted make up bags with candy you both love, a favorite nail polish of the season - you get the idea!



 3. Jewelry is Always A Great Bridesmaids Gift. We love the idea of giving a piece of jewelry as a memory of your time together planning and enjoying your wedding. Our suggestion is pair it with one of our beautiful Quilted Koala Jewelry Rolls - they're just right for keeping your jewels separated and safe when you travel. 

 This is our Quilted Koala Jewelry Roll from our Joyful Collection in pink. Be sure to shop the entire collection. Here it's shown with some of our favorite pieces from the fab WrennJewelry.


Stephanie Oppenheim