Now that Spring seems likely (whoot!)  it's time to start thinking about switching your closets over. We can't wait to put our scarves, gloves and long underwear away!

Here are five secrets to the best closet organization ever:

(1) Time Sensitive.  If you don't have a closet like Lisa Vanderpump (and the staff to maintain it), our suggestion is that you make your closet for the season you're in. We tried this approach and it was AWESOME. It's like going away on vacation with your favorite things. It also makes getting dressed in the morning so much easier.  Be strict about setting this up-- but you'll end up loving it. No more sandals jumbled in with your favorite Bean Boots. Trust us, you'll never go back.

We love this pic from Kelly in the City's makeover of her home office that uses our Quilted Koala Blue Foulard Boxes and Bins which also brings us to (2) Curate Your Closet - LOVE your new Hunter boots, put them in a place of honor. Have a bowl of your favorite sunglasses at the ready.















(3) Sort by Category. Now that you're in the "season", hang all of your dresses, blouses, pants together - you  can make a choice within that grouping. Some sort by color (and while this is great for stacks of t-shirts, sweaters) we find that harder to handle and it looks less tidy. 

(4) De-Clutter the Little Stuff.  Put things away that you don't use on a regular basis.  Going out accessories, belts, stockings, special lingerie - put them up and away in a box. This will also make your space feel like your own personalized retreat. For example, our Pink Jewel Boxes and Circle Grey Boxes - give you plenty of room for all your treasures - don't they look great together?Quilted Koala Pink Jewel and Grey Circle Boxes

(5) Hangers. Treat yourself to some soft padded hangers that will love your special things as much as you do. It's also a great easy way to upgrade the whole feeling of your closet.  (We found these on Pinterest - beautiful but sadly no longer available. Maybe we should make some to go with our boxes?) 










And of course, we'd recommend using our Quilted Koala Boxes and Bins. Check out all the colors and patterns - we have a wonderful choices to match your mood and color scheme. Right now, to get you started buy a set of three nested boxes at 50% off. So no excuses! Make your closet beautiful.

 Our very Spring forward collection of Circle Blue, Wonderland and Green Jewel boxes! Each pattern is available in a matching bin.


Stephanie Oppenheim