Why does Valentine's Day strike fear in so many men? We know picking the best gift can be challenging. Here are five questions to ask yourself before you buy. And because we want to really make this easy, use CODE: KOALALOVE and save 20%. There are no excuses now!

(1) Does your Valentine LOVE Jewelry? If the answer is yes, we suggest one of our lovely Jewelry rolls that will protect her favorite pieces while she's on the go. Of course, we also suggest that you put a piece of jewelry in the roll to surprise her! This is our very romantic JOYFUL PINK Jewelry roll  ($39)...click here to SHOP all the colors.


(2) Does your Valentine LOVE to Travel?

If the answer is yes, boy do we have it covered. You'll certainly want to buy one of our roomy beautiful DUFFELS ($119) and if you really want to score points, we recommend you also pick up the coordinating makeup bags! 



(3) Does Your Valentine LOVE makeup?

If makeup is her thing, treat her to two of coordinating makeup pouches (large and small)...throw in a gift certificate to her favorite makeup store!  She will be amazed at your thoughtfulness. (The large is $24 and the small is $17). 


(4) Does Your Valentine LOVE the Beach?  Surprise her with a trip away - put the tickets in one of totes! SHOP the collection here.



(5) Does your Valentine LOVE Downton Abbey? 

We have beautiful nested jewelry boxes inspired by the wonderful series. Bring one of these home and it shows you're really paying attention. It comes in it's own gift box! (See how easy we make it?)

We hope these were helpful suggestions! Don't forget the flowers!

February 06, 2015 — Stephanie Oppenheim

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