New year. New makeup. Sounds fun and according to leading experts also really a safety must. Yes, now you can say to anyone giving you a hard time about your latest run to Sephora, that it is for health reasons. 
To avoid the possibility of harmful bacteria, here are three things to throw out if they've been in your makeup bag for too long.
1. Mascara - Most experts say 3 months, 6 months max. 
2. Liquid eyeliners - 3 months.      
3. Lipstick/Lipgloss - Lipgloss no more than six months and lipstick for a year. 
How to keep organized.
1. Old-school: Put a small sticker on your makeup as it goes into your makeup bag. 
Of course this takes away from that shiny new packaging.
2. MakeUp APPs:  No surprise but there are APPs for keeping track of your makeup. The two leading apps are myBeautyCache:Beauty Organizer ($1.99) or Beauty ManagerHD ($2.99).

Our favorite MakeUp sources:
Birchbox - who doesn't like getting a package of fun new things every month? 
Sephora - Sometimes you just have to go see all the pretty colors in person.  
Zitomer - If you're in New York City on Madison Avenue, this is such a fun place to visit.  (And we LOVE that they carry our Happy and Joyful collections).

*Great Articles about eye makeup and health:

12 Tips For Eye Makeup Safety (Everydayhealth.com); How Long Should I Keep Makeup (webmd.com); How Long to Keep Your Eyeshadows (Sephora.com)


Stephanie Oppenheim


I have no idea how old most of my makeup is. This is worrying…

— Alex