The Best Gifts for Travelers

Posted on November 30, 2016 by Stephanie Oppenheim | 0 comments

We love to travel. Packing not so much. Carrying heavy bags - no thank you.

One of missions of Quilted Koala is to make the packing and traveling with your things easier.

1. Start with a beautiful duffel that's both sturdy and lightweight. There's nothing worse than starting with a heavy bag. We worked for a very long time with our team to create a bag that's very light and comfortable to carry.

2. Make it roomy.  Let's face it, we all want to take along more than we probably should - which is why we have duffels in three sizes.  The large fits in the overhead compartment on a plane while the small duffel is designed to fit under the seat.

3. Our new mini duffel is perfect for traveling. The crossbody strap makes this a great choice for on-the-go fun when you want your bag on you and zipped closed!  Also makes a perfect camera bag.

4. Makeup Bags. Our quilted makeup bags are all lined with water-resistant material to help protect your things. We use one for our toiletries and one for our electronics.


SHOP all the collections (and colors) at shop.quiltedkoala.com.

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