The fall always feels like a new year to me. Time to get myself back into a healthier workout routine and get my house in order (who wants to do that when it's a beautiful summer day?)

Here are my five secrets to getting into shape both physically and mentally: 

1. New Sneakers.  Okay, so I'm not in 7th grade but a new pair of sneakers always gets me back into the spirit of working out.

2. Wear Real Pants. Do you ever put on workout leggings and then never quite make it to gym? I do -  more than I'd like to admit.  Real pants keep you honest.

3. Snacks. 3pm comes and I'm in need of salt or sugar (or both). I'm still working on this one, especially when I'm on deadline for something. Eating a real lunch and having a healthier snack at the ready keeps me away from the peanut m&ms (most of the time).

4. De-clutter.  It's no accident that Quilted Koala started with boxes and bins. I'm big on putting things away. Having a clutter free space makes me so much calmer. (Caveat -- if you have young kids at home, this is impossible. Give yourself a break. You'll come back to this when they're older.)

5. Enlist a friend or two. It's so much easier to get into a good habit when it's something fun to do with friends. Team Koala is thinking of trying Orange Theory next!  We also do weeks of step challenges with our Fitbits. I never win, but at least I'm moving more than if I was just in it alone.

To help get you in the mood, we want you to get a new gym bag. We have lots of great choices. Use Code FITNESS to save 60% on our small quilted or kanvas duffels. Offer valid until 9.13.17. 

Have a secret you're willing to share -- post your comment below!



September 06, 2017 — Stephanie Oppenheim


Ali said:

I think the 2nd hardest thing is remembering to drink enough water. (Obviously, the hardest thing is motivating to get off of the couch!)

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